Giving Back

It is important to ANAVI DESIGNS to give back to the community and planet. 
The world is progressive, Ivana is continuously looking for new ways to create innovative, stylish and practical products while shrinking or eliminating our carbon footprint. Fashion is one of the top polluting industries in the world. Mindful and proactive changes need to be made to logistic and manufacturing techniques. 
Ivana has started a new project using high quality denim that would otherwise be thrown in landfills paired with leather to create a variety of spacious up-cycled Tote Bags. We have meticulously sourced the denim to ensure high standard materials from various second hand clothing stores and donation centers right in our studios neighborhood. 
Ivana and her team then cut pattern pieces from old pants and jackets to build new sleek and stylish hand bags.
If you want to immediately amp up your look with one item tote bags are a nice go-to ensemble to keep in your casual collection. Our totes are unisex and easily take on different moods according to the way you style it. 
Since our products are made from up-cycled textiles, the colors may vary slightly from images but quality and finish is not compromised.
Launching 05.05.20