Who is Anavi Designs


Canadian Designer, Ivana Walker, is the founder and creative director of ANAVI DESIGNS. Experienced as a Master Jewellery Designer and Goldsmith, Ivana has transitioned her technical and creative skills to create a brand that crafts bespoke luxury handbags.

Perfectly balanced between fashionable and utilitarian ANAVI DESIGNS provides opulence that accompanies you in your everyday life.

The ethos of the brand echoes that a handbag is more than just an
accessory, it is a crucial and powerful utensil used for channeling self
expression through fashion. Know-how
and attention to detail are merely the tools required to bring
innovation to the forefront. Each piece is meticulously constructed and
passed from the artisans hands to the customers.

Custom Anavi Designs are made in Toronto

During the pandemic, Ivana was able to network globally with other Female entrepreneurs in the handbag industry. Through this expanded network, Anavi is now able bring these amazing designs to you, our customers.

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