About Anavi

Canadian Designer, Ivana Walker, is the sole founder of Anavi Designs. After 28 years of experience as a Master Jewellery Designer and Goldsmith, Ivana decided to transition her tools to craft high quality bespoke handbags to fulfill the needs of a changing fashion industry. An industry that no longer accepted that mass-market designer handbags would encompass the desires of such a diverse world. Anavi Designs' idea of a handbag is so much more than apiece to match an outfit. It is the way people express who they are. This is why Ivana collaborates with her clients from design to finished product to tailor a unique bag that fully embodies who they are.

Hand crafting pieces that define your personal style is all about having fun and this is exactly what Ivana accomplishes so beautifully with all of her handmade bag designs.