Anavi Designs is interested in creating handbags that are latest fashion trends born out of your desire to have a unique handbag created from high quality materials with consummate craftsmanship that will endure the test of time.

Ivana the owner & designer of Anavi Designs, stitches each handbag one at a time. Using her skills as a goldsmith and applying the same techniques and attention to detail in her handbags, your vision can become a reality. From a women’s crossbody that combines fit and function, to an evening clutch that will be the talk of the party to an attache case for the business professional. The choice is yours!!

If you are interested in commissioning your handbag, take inspiration from a purse already on the website and suggest alternative elements to reflect your own taste. Perhaps a color, a tattoo, a leather or alternative fabric or a combination.

You may have seen a historical bag which you would like to be used as inspiration or to reference in some way. All of this is possible, if you love craftsmanship and are comfortable with the commissioning process then please contact Ivana and she will guide you through the process.

This will usually involve a meeting but alternatives maybe a series of phone calls and email communications. Like a butterfly, you will be taken from the birth of a custom rendered design through the selection of material and hardware to the final product that will spread its wings and fly in all its glory.